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Yoga and Massage Therapy

with Sandra da Silva

Promoting health and wellbeing in South Derbyshire and North Leicestershire

Hatha Yoga Weekly Group Classes

What is ‘Hatha Yoga’?

Ha means “sun” and tha “moon”. Yoga means “to unite”. The practice of Hatha yoga aims to create a state of balanced energy, a balance between body, mind and spirit.

What is a typical weekly group class like?

Group classes can be up to 18 people.

I teach weekly yoga classes at a variety of locations suitable for beginners and the more experienced.

The atmosphere in the yoga class is friendly and relaxing and you are encouraged to practice at your own pace and ability. 

Each lesson normally consists of 1 hour or 1h.30 minutes and includes:

  • Centring with breathing/relaxation at the beginning of the class
  • Limbering to warm up the body
  • Asana (Yoga Postures)
  • Pranayama (Breathing exercises)
  • Relaxation at the end of the class







 10.45 - 11.45am


 Whistlewood Common, Melbourne 


7.15 - 8-45pm


Packington Village Hall



Mixed Ability

Dosthill Boys Club, Tamworth


13.45 -15.15pm

Mixed Ability

Moira Village Hall


19.15 - 20.45pm


Thomas Cook Memorial, Melbourne


18.45 - 20.15pm

Mixed Ability

Moira Village Hall

Packington and Moira classes are run on a termly basis (Autumn, Winter, Spring)

Winter term 2019 is 12 weeks

Starting the week beginning the 6th of January

Half term break is the whole week beginning the 17th of February. No classes this week.

Pricing information

Packington Monday and Moira Village Hall Classes - Full term or Half term:

Price per session is £6.50 when you pay for Half Term or Full Term in advance i.e. 6 weeks is £39.00 and 12 weeks is £78.00

The number of weeks in a block can vary from term to term, depending on bank holidays and break times.

Pay as You Go

Alternatively pay as you go is £8.00.

Dosthill Boys Club, Tamworth

£39.00 for block of 6 classes

£7.00 pay as you go

*Thomas Cook Memorial Wednesday:

Small class with a maximum of 8 people, 1h30mins.

£35.00 for block of 5 sessions in advance.

Pay as You Go is £8.00 per session.

Extra class on another day / night

Attendance of an extra class on another day / night is £5.00

Missed classes

You can make up for missed classes by attending another class within the period you paid for - applies to Packington, Moira and Melbourne only. Making up for missed classes by attending a small group classes may be possible subject to availability.

There are NO credits/refunds for course / classes not attended.

Regular students who pay in advance for half term or full term have their place reserved.

If you opt for Pay as You Go it is advisable to contact me to reserve a place.

1 hour class

Due to limited spaces pre-booking and pre-payment are essential.

**Whistlewood Common Yoga Class

£20.00 in advance for a block of 4.

There are no refunds for missed classes but you can make up missed classes by attending one of the other classes at other venues.

If the class is full you can opt to have your name on a waiting list and you will be contacted when there are cancelations or a place becomes available. One off attendance i.e. taster sessions subject to availability cost £8.

This class takes place outdoors during Spring/Summer & in the Roundhouse Building in Autumn/Winter

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